Monday, April 01, 2002


Welcome to my blog! I wish I could give you a nice hot cup of tea, but this will have to do.

Come sit in my breakfast nook with sun streaming down on your back.
Come sip some tea with me.
This is where I draw the courage and peace to write
I hope you enjoy your time spent in my little alcove
Please sit down with me, and read a slice or two, or maybe even some chunks of my life.

Why Water Owl? Because my name means Water and I collect Owls.

My online experience began with Bitnet, then I put my college Bryn Mawr on the Internet. I created personal web pages. I wrote about the beginnings of my writing journey online. A variety of people stumble through them over the years. A few take the time to send me email. It delights me to see what evoked a response.

I was born one night in Bangkok, spent my early chilhood in Chelsea, London, then moved to California. I went to college at Bryn Mawr where I stayed for a couple years afterwards. Then I leaped back into the bay area, California where I've lived ever since.

Just before my first child a daughter is born, I started to keep a Live Journal. Things had started worrying me a little with the pregnancy and journaling provided an easy outlet.

I kept a bit of a journal offline and I sometimes go back and write some post-dated entries. I've already edited this intro a couple times. Like life, it's a work in progress.

Please enjoy my blogs, please leave comments or email me if for some reason, you don't want others to read it. You are not alone.

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