Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Little T is talking now

Sorry for my long silence. I broke my toe. I take Vicodin at night. I'd love to be House but I can't pop it without water. I can also only handle one at a time. Otherwise the tale about my toe is pretty boring except that I broke it tripping over my daughter. I have borderline osteopinia. A lesson to take one's calcium.

Also several pregnancies of friends and family brought up painful issues for me. I'm not ready to discuss them here in "the open." and frankly some of it is not my tale to tell. I may discuss it at a later time when I can separate more and talk exclusively about myself.

In the meanwhile my life goes on.

My biggest news is I have two bonafide talking kids now. Little T says two word phrases all the time but he remains laconic. He says one word if one word will do and then brings out another word if the first word isn't clear enough. With one exception.

For example he says "Songs" C starts singing to him. He says "Songs phone." He wants C to play him songs on his phone/mp3 player.

He says two three phrases. "Where Daddy/Mama go?" and "I love you."

I used to be the one he talked to least but in the past week he's discovered that talking is the way to my heart. He always has greeted me with "mama!" with great enthusiasm. Now he says "Mama, bus" "Mama, woo woo (his word for train)." Anything to get my attention. Daddy is not addressed in this way. Daddy is sometimes called for plaintively when not there "Daddy!" But Daddy is used for exacting requests "Where woowoo(train) plate?" If Daddy doesn't produce said plate he screams

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Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to hear about your toe-ouch! And I love that Little T calls trains "woo-woo", that's cute!