Friday, June 29, 2007

More riding

Yesterday I trotted almost the entire time. Something I would not have thought possible a few weeks ago. I now have riding pants which helps a lot.

Louie Louie my horse would hang his head down sometimes both to get a bit of rest and to test how tired I was getting. If I shifted my weight forward because I couldn't handle the way his weight shifted then he stopped but most of the time I just kept on going. Louie also likes slowing down at the gate and so I had to remind him that no we weren't stopping there.

I'm working on sitting up which I don't do a lot of the time and putting my shoulders back. It made my shoulders quite sore. My legs are long most of the time and my back is supple and so are my hands.

I find each time I ride now different muscles get sore. My instructor says it's because I'm learning.

I find also we're shifting into a new balance where I have more confidence so I'm leading Louie around. I am better about shifting my balance when we turn so he doesn't slow down when we turn. He can anticipate that I am asking him to turn as I'm turning him more by shifting my weight than pulling his reins.

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