Monday, July 02, 2007

Still life then onward into battle

My world was quiet and silent without the kids while they and my husband went camping this weekend. I relaxed a lot and watched a lot of tv. The first thing my husband said when he saw me was "You look refreshed." But oh I missed them so! Their loud calls of "Mama mama!" and their constant need to touch.

And today I plunged back into the stress of dealing with insurance. My husband's company changed insurance yet again. And of course the first time it was all wrong. And of course the wrong code was not for me or for my husband who aren't the ones with tons of authorizations but for the children. Of course my son is the one that has the authorizations.

After several hours I think it may have been sorted out so I can fight the battle of actually getting speech therapy for my son. But the day is not over yet so we shall see.

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