Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Slimy yet satisfying

In the Lion King Pumbaa says "Slimy... yet satisfying." as he eats a large grub from a rotten log. This is how I'd describe the IEP process at the school district where my son was transferred. Our district has no program for his "low incidence disability" --school speak for we don't see many kids like this so we have to be more careful.

We love the special preschool he's in and adore his special ed teacher and like the other kids. And our son's already making measurable progress after only a month in. He's started to climb stairs without holding onto a rail. I thought he couldn't get more confident but I think I was judging him as a two-year old and he's three. He asserts himself more with words. He used to be quiet around other kids which I stupidly accepted as "just being a boy." Well he's not quiet anymore. And he was never quiet at home. This preschool is definitely the right fit for him.

The school district... Well. It's only two years. And we can work with them as long as we don't look too carefully at the whole thing. One the plus side they're organized in careful segments....

Anyway if I had to choose I'd choose this way. Because we're not moving anytime soon. Our older daughter loves her elementary school. And our school district special ed people are disorganized but so far warm and friendly.

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