Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My daughter wants to be a boy

My 6 year-old daughter says "I want to be a boy. She says "I don't fit in the gender" for the following reasons:

  • Doesn't like pink and purple and likes black
  • Likes rock
  • Doesn't like Barbie
  • Likes Pokemon
  • Likes video games
  • Hates princesses
Please give her examples of girls like her. Thanks! LOL

She forgets all the sterotypical girl thing she likes such as art, writing notes, gymnastics, flowers, and reading books about fairies and pound puppies.
I know there are some kids who are genuinely questioning their gender. I think my daughter is more stuck in gender stereotypes which is fairly typical for a six-year old.


Shonda Little said...

I don't know if you are looking for kid examples, but this is exactly how my sister was when she was kid. All her friends were boys. One time she even cut her hair, wore only boy clothes and insisted on being called Joey. Then at 13, she discovered boys as boyfriends instead of boy friends. She's been in makeup ever since.

My Mantra is Hamsa said...

stumbled upon this entry. Adorable. I was the same way. I played with my brothers toys more than mine. I was a tomboy until 16. Now I prefer dresses and yoga to mud and cars. Well, unless the mud comes with a seaweed wrap and herbal green tea? We all grow out of it.

Amanda said...

Mmm, my middle daughter (2) eschews most things typically considered girly, but you better know that as she carries sticks and says she's a giant she does it wearing jewelry galore and wearing my high heels.

Her mama never cooked from a cookbook, so it makes sense she'd be "a girl from scratch."

Blake said...

My daughter (6yo) is exactly like that as well. I think she feels has to make a choice, and she probably does have to in her peer group of other 6yo. Given the choice of playing with dolls or playing superheros, superheroes always wins. I've also noticed that boys are easier to play with for her and the girls are a bit more stand offish or cliquish. Before going to kindergarten she wasn't as dismissive of 'girly' things like pink, dresses or flowers, etc. To her being a boy is just much more exciting. There aren't a lot of good example out there but we introduced her to Wonder Woman, Joan Jett, the Runaways, Blondie, Pipi Longstocking, Xena Warrior Princess, etc...