Friday, June 17, 2005

CSA go away

I really can't deal with a CSA right now, I cancelled my subscription. I drove twice at 10pm (last night and Wednesday night) to go pick up the CSA. Both times I'd asked Special K if she wanted to go for a drive and she said no. A neighbor of the CSA house kindly brought my box in Wednesday night, but she didn't leave a note at the CSA dropoff and I didn't receive her phone message until after I returned home. Animals or someone had eaten some of my fruit. A peach had a bite taken out of it, and there were a couple of empty spaces in my box.

I emailed Ali at Frog Hollow Farm. Ali kindly agreed to offered to give me more fruit. I replied "I don't want you to replace my fruit, because the damage was my fault for not picking it up in time. It's just too difficult for me to go drive somewhere to pick it up."


Jenny said...

I hear you. I'm starting to think that my CSA is not helping me. They don't carry spinach, a staple to us, and I don't like having to go get it during a time window.
Planet Organics delivery was the best.

Thida said...

You might try Two Small Farms. They have excellent produce at the farmers' market including chard and sometimes spinach.

I've had no luck with Planet Organics either. I just reordered for the first time in years and the fruit was hard and sour.