Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Little T's milestones

I'm trying to stay positive since Little T is still smiling.

On Thursday (11/10) Little T sat up from lying to sitting all on his own for the first time. Previously he could do so with a little touch from me on his hip to help stabilize him. He spent a good hour Thursday night in his crib sitting up over and over again with a big grin on his face. It's a huge effort involving rolling over and half getting up on his knees, but you try getting up with a huge left arm that doesn't really work.

On Wednesday Little T discovered the joys of pointing at people. Yesterday he discovered the joys of pointing at objects. He pointed at a picture of Einstein and clouds. Maybe he's telling me his dreams.

He's gaining weight. On Friday 11/4 he weighed 8.5kg. On Tuesday 11/8, he weighed 8.7kg This past Tuesday, his weight was back down to 8.7kg (19.18 lb despite eating more. His arm shrank some, but I dunno where that 100 g went. He's still very short at 69.7 cm (27.4 inches) far below the charts. He's still below the charts in weight too.


Plantgirl said...

That's so cool that he's mastered sitting up, and that he's happy about it!!

frumiousb said...

I´m glad to hear that there are some bright moments. Good thoughts and prayers for both of you.