Saturday, July 29, 2006

More on Trader Joe's milk

tempusfugit asks "Can you talk more about the Strauss Family products? Is this for all Trader Joe's or only in the West Coast or East Coast. What about the Trader Joe's brand milk and yogurt?"

I don't know about the distribution of milk of Trader Joe's nationwide. What I do know is that the cream top Trader Joe's milk is almost certainly Straus Family. Currently this is sold in whole and 1% half gallons. In our local Trader Joe's, the only organic yogurt isn't Trader Joe's brand, but is still Straus Family. Straus Family is a northern California dairy producer, so it may not be able to produce enough for Trader Joe's nationwide. On the other hand, there actually aren't that many Trader Joe's relative to other grocery stores. You should check your local Trader Joe's.

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