Monday, October 23, 2006

My baby got new shoes

I was horrified to learn my boy was wearing shoes a size too small for him and yet he learned to walk anyway. What a hero! So we set out to buy him new shoes. They must be flexible, cushioned and most importantly shoes, he'd wear. My boy cares about two items of clothing: shoes and pants. He'll rip off disapproved choices in a hurry. But shoes and pants he likes are a dream.

We're still in the honeymoon phase of walking. Little T loves to carry things to me. Anything, a stuffed animal, a sock, whatever. Just so I can watch him walk down the passage carrying that thing. Little legs go straight up and down. A toy soldier's march. Not yet the proper gait of a real walker. I find it so endearing.

We spent most of Saturday shopping. We walked and walked and walked on a trek to find shoes for Little T and Special K. Who knew shoes would be so hard? Little T loved every moment of it. It's hard to believe he just started walking three weeks ago. I marvel at each new terrain he conquers. On Thursday, he scaled sand, but only ventured a few steps on grass holding my hand. Yesterday at a friend's party he strode confidently across the lawn. He still holds his hand high in victory sometimes but less and less.

He also wants my hand less and less. Occasionally he grabs me firmly, and I must follow. But most of the time he walks off. He never looks back. I must follow after him.

At the park on Thursday a little girl threw sand in his eyes. He cried and cried. I scooped him up, terrified. I examined his eyes closely. The tears washed the sand away after thirty seconds. He sniffed and pushed me away. He wanted to get up and play walk again.

When we go to other people's houses, he just walks off now. I must go find him. At this age, my daughter used to come back for a little hug and a sit in my lap. A little warmup. He's off as soon as he can. Sure, he smiles when he sees me, but if I try to hug or kiss him, he pushes me away with a soft annoyed grunt.

Now don't get me wrong. He's a very cuddly guy, but at sleepy time, naptime, story time. All times when he doesn't have shoes on. These shoes are made for walking.

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