Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lifechanging news, exciting news and commenting

My first and best news is that I will getting my service dog in February. I was invited to Team Training at Canine Companions for Independence (CCI). It's the best holiday gift I've ever received!! I feel incredibly excited and blessed.

Around the New Year CCI will send me an enormous binder chock full of info basically everything I'm expected to learn in Team Training, so I expect to blog more about this. Not the contents themselves since that belongs to CCI, but rather my reactions to it all. I should note that CCI has a pretty strict policy against not revealing the name of my dog or identifying details about my dog until graduation which will also be my sixth wedding anniversary. My human partner has graciously agreed to share the day with my new dog partner.

I do like the CCI logo a lot, but as it involves a person in a wheelchair, it doesn't seem quite appropriate to put in my blog as I'm not in a wheelchair. I know it's the universal symbol for disabled or special needs which I definitely claim. And I even have a disabled parking placard. Still I'm at a loss what picture to put for this post, since I don't know what my future partner will look like. Oh well.

Not life changing, but exciting Peter Jackson will be producing The Hobbit in 2009 in a two part series.
It was my extended family tradition to watch Lord of the Rings each Christmas.

Of less importance to me personally, but of import to readers of this blog, you can comment now using Open ID.


Synaptic Jen said...

I always enjoy reading your blog and this is great news. I have dystonia too and it was such a joy to be matched to my service dog. Kramer worked for 10 years and is now retired. He is 12 years old now. I hope that your dog really improves your quality of life. My dog has really been a blessing to me. Good luck with training. It is a lot of work but fun too.

Enjoy the holidays!

Thida said...

Thanks so much for writing!! It really brightened my day to hear from you and to learn that you have a service dog. You're literally the first person with dystonia I've heard of with a service dog. A wonderful discovery.

Synaptic Jen said...

Hi Thida, I feel the same way. I was so pleased to find your blog. We seem to have some things in common. If you ever are interested in my service dog experiences feel free to write. Kramer has brought a lot to my life. He is a lot of work too, but the bond and all that he does for me is worth the work.
Blessings to you and your two sweet babies.