Saturday, December 15, 2007

Here Comes Another Bubble popped (sorta)

I'm annoyed that one of the funniest Youtube videos to come out in a long time "Here Comes Another Bubble" by the Richter Scales was taken down on request by the DMCA. In the meantime, all Youtube has is this very poor quality video of a live performance where you can't even hear the lyrics that well, but it's the best I can give you as an immediate link.

According to the Richter Scales blog,
the video was taken down because Lane Hartwell complained it used her copyrighted images of Owen Thomas, a tv reporter for heaven's sake. So he's a public figure and therefore his images are in the public domain. Ironically the video's still at Valley Wag. (at least when I blogged this post)

I'd like to know which videos on youtube don't use some copyrighted images of public figures. Youtube would go out of business if every video had every copyright checked.

I replied tongue in check on the blog that I think if they hadn't made fun of Larry Page and Sergey Brin the founders of Google who own Youtube, it might have stayed up. Since Silly Valley is about this big, I'm actually friends of friends of the founders and I think they have a sense of humor, but people are afraid. And frankly it really is a bubble.

How I can resist but to blog about a video with several men singing "Won't you blog about this song" in lovely acapella tune? Plus the video includes a baby blogging.

Richter Scales, I wish you well and I hope your bubble video gets back up on youtube.

Up with Internet Freedom and satire. Down with silly legalese. Satire is protected under free speech. Get a clue Youtube and DMCA.

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