Monday, October 03, 2005

Little T's debut & our weekend

C and I were going to the world premiere of the opera Doctor Atomic. Unfortunately our sitter flaked on us, and our nanny had other plans, so we couldn't go. Instead we all went to Beth and Eric's birthday bbq. We haven't been to one of their parties in ages and it was great to see them and Zed.

Little T had never been to their house. He had a wonderful time scooting about on their floor and interacting with people. For someone who only says "gah" and "hi" and raises his arm in what might be a high-five, he communicates very well. He was outraged that someone picked him up off the floor without asking first. He also appeared to comment on what someone was saying by babbling just as the person finished speaking with the right intonation. It was quite funny.

Special K also had a great time and someone said what poise she had. She played Apples to Apples, which I recommend as a good party game for adults and 3 year olds. The cards that the 3 year old puts down and picks can be quite unpredictable, but it makes for an entertaining game and some adults pick weird choices anyway.

This weekend we also packed up two bookshelves worth of books to try to sell to Bookbuyers and then donate to the library. I'm really pleased, because we really need the space for the kids' books and toys. I've also packed up all Special K's 18-month and 2-year clothes to send back to Stacey who kindly gave them from her kids. They're beautiful clothes and Special K was crying at the thought of my sending them away. She still tries to wear the 18m dresses, though at this point, they're the size of shirts on her.

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