Saturday, October 08, 2005

Word, Singing and spam

Word ate my cover letter to Lee & Low, so I finally decided to install Microsoft Office 2003. After a lot of painful waiting and restarting I installed it and Service Pack 2. I think singing "Go service pack, go" helps the process, but it only worked the third time after I sang it throughout.

The new word wasn't able to open the cover letter either, but the new help was more helpful, so I was able to retrieve a backup copy from this strange directory I was vaguely aware that existed back when I was a sysadmin.

So I feel okay about more $$ to the man. Or rather to my sister-in-law who works there. I think one of my exbfs still does too. Both them are nice folks.

Speaking of word, I'm turning on word verification here, because I'm getting spam not penis enhancement or Viagra, but speech therapy of all things. I did mention it a couple times in my blog, but to comment "I found a lot of useful info about speech therapy on your blog" is stretching it a lot. Hope you actual commenters don't mind too much. Please let me know if it's too much of pain.

I didn't actually write anything today, so I have to borrow from yesterday's count.

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