Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Little T's not growing

Little T's GI doctor called us. To make a long story short, he shares our concern that Little T isn't growing.

Little T's weight and height have been basically flat for months and I've been concerned. Nice and proportional at 60% and a few months ago, one could argue the chemo or steroids were retarding his growth. However, he's been off chemo since May and on a very low dose of steroids for two months. He looks like a year old. Okay, he has the head size of a two-year old, but frankly all little kids have huge heads.

The doctor ordered a bone age test. I was all ready for general anesthesia like all his other tests. No, it's a simple x-ray. Hooray! If it's normal, my boy is just destined to be a pint sized fighter. If it's abnormal, he goes to see an endocrinologist.

We also have to keep a food diary.

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