Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My children the aquarists

"What was your favorite part?" Special K asked over and over again on the way home.
My favorite was watching Special K and Little T laughing and laughing and exploring everything.
But Special K asked the question, because she really wanted to say "My favorite was watching the otters bang the ice against the glass." We watched the sea otters feed. Towards the end they were given rings of ice with fish buried inside. So they had to crack the ice to get at the fish.

Many of the Monterey Bay Aquarium exhibits are at Little T height, so he pulled up over and again and cruised around, even taking a few steps to see everything. If it weren't so far away, I'd take him there all the time, because it's great for his physical therapy.

We also got stamps for our Special K's Official Explorer passport. Special K got a poster for collecting 4 stamps by visiting various booths. If we get obssessive visit a lot of different places by December, she can earn 30 stamps and get a sweatshirt. But I think we're going for 20 10 stamps. Must not get obssessive. Must not get obssessive.

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