Friday, September 29, 2006

My photo launched a local paper's style section

Imagine my surprise when I found a photo of me and five other of my Silicon Valley Mom bloggers on the front page above the fold. They're launching their new style section with us! It features a huge photo they took of us Silicon Valley Mom bloggers over the summer and an article written by one of the founders. Congrats on your MV Voice fashion debut, Tekla! :)

Article is here without the huge photo.

If you want to see the photos, you can download the MV Voice as PDF files
Front page

Style section

The irony is that no mention is made of me in the article, because I wrote nothing about fashion or style for the blog. I missed the Nordstrom's show and I've always had an strange relationship with fashion. In college, I was asked to be a fashion model in NYC, yet I find shopping for clothes sheer torture. I sorta feel obligated to write something now. What do you think?

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