Thursday, January 31, 2008

Laptop cured, but I'm sick and nervous about leaving the kids

I have a cold virus.

I am putting together my packing list for Team Training for Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) which is just 10 days away.

Yesterday I photocopied the schedule for the entire 2 weeks, my dorm assignments and all the directions to various places around the CCI campus.

Don't get me wrong. C's a wonderful father, but he's a WAW (Work at Work) dad. But WOW is how folks often view dads that do anything with their kids. I'm nervous, because I'm basically leaving the kids under his care for 13 days and I feel he has NO idea about what it's like to look after the kids full-time. He's gone camping with them and several other families for a couple weekends, but the village helps out.

Ironically I would feel better if he was a bit more nervous. Instead he says things "I think we'll be fine." I hope he is nervous, but just doesn't want me to worry.


Suzy said...

That's exactly what I imagine my man would say should that situation ever come up for us ;)

Do you have anyone like grandparents checking in and such? I think he probably is secretly nervous, but eventually it'll all work out fine :)

Thida said...

Good to hear that. Unfortunately grandparent's poor health prevents them from helping out too much.

Synaptic Jen said...

Hi Thida,

I just wanted to say good luck with team training. Please feel free to e-mail me with your questions and worries after getting home. I was really worried and stressed right after I got Kramer but things work out great in the end. You just have to hang in there and keep the bond strong.
Good luck. -Jen