Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bodies in motion

I'm thankful my husband made me tea and went shopping with me and Little T. Something he does quite a lot. He's really a very nice man.

It was good but a bit painful to get my back worked on. It was sweet to see that although I woke Tucker from his little puppy nap. He got up lifted his head and greeted me with a little puppy snuffle. To me it sounded like an "I know you and am happy to see you" sort of noise. It reminded me of how my children as young babies used to snuffle before they could coo at me. It's funny how in the end we're all mammals. I read this breeder's journal about her puppies learning the commando crawl. Oh yes I remember my kids learning that.

I loved visiting Little T's preschool today and seeing how excited he was to participate in "body class". The OT made it all about fire safety and engines. How could he not be excited. He laughed as he bounced on the big ball.

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