Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The two T's - Same age different species

Little T and Tucker the 12-week old golden retriever puppy are so cute and adorable together. They are about the same age in terms of social behavior.

I ask Little T "Do you want to see Tucker?" "No" he says firmly. "Okay but I'm going over." Then he stares fascinated at Tucker. "Look he's chewing a bone." he giggles Every aspect of Tucker is commented upon. Then he doesn't want to leave. "No I want to see Tucker." just as firmly as he said he didn't 20 minutes before. Ahh the life of a three-year old.

Tucker's owner said that Tucker used to follow her on the leash very well but has just started sitting down and she has to carry him. I laughed and I said "That sounds very familiar."

I read some leash training techniques to try to get Little T to cross parking lots. Not that I use a leash but Little T still tugs on my hands and it hurts or abruptly sits down. We have mastered crossing the street pretty well now but an empty parking lot is apparently terrifying. It amazed me that one technique worked. I walked in front of him and took both of his hands from behind and walked slowly at his pace. He walked this way for few steps. My back was grateful it was just a few steps. Then he asked to just hold my hand standing next to me like a typical kid. On the way back he just crossed the parking lot holding my hand the typical way. Apparently I needed to show him that I was going to get him across the parking lot safely without picking him up.


Daisy said...

confidence is a fragile thing, isn't it? You really helped your own little T build his confidence in crossing a parking lot.

Thida said...

Thanks! I hope so! We're still working on it.