Thursday, October 18, 2007

Steps for Little T one huge victory

Little T can climb up and down the steps of his school bus by himself. His preschool teacher says she has worked with him on steps everyday. How she accomplished this miracle I don't know since in therapy sessions it has been difficult to say the least. Picture a screaming boy at the top of our stairs. Bribes offered and refused. Lots of "No" screamed loudly.

No screaming at school. But then it's hard to refuse his teacher anything. She makes it all sound so sweet and reasonable.

It looks like Special K will be a Daisy Girl Scout if we can find one more girl in the entire school to join the troop.

I really like being able to walk to Longs. I'm still perhaps a bit overly excited to have a Longs in my neighborhood. I think it brings back childhood memories of biking to Longs as a child and Longs was this wonder store full of delights like candy and Merlin the electronic game that all the kids wanted and amazingly my parents bought.

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