Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Burning inferno

I feel most sad for all the wildlife dying out there and neglected pets and the firefighters who have lost their lives. This silly picture is for them and the CCI folks. I send my prayers to the people affected by the fire and the CCI dogs and people at the SW regional center. These brave folks are waiting in the path of two fires. The smoke and soot and air quality are terrible. They're staying there multiple nights in case they need to evacuate the dogs and cat and I think they mention bunnies? That's true dedication.

As a child of 12 I once had to evacuate one solitary cat from my dad's friend's house because of an avalanche warning. Unlike these folks I didn't have any animal carriers so I had to hand-carry this cat down the mountain. The cat was very worried and tried to claw me but I was well bundled up. The cat was so freaked that she jumped out of my arms and tried to climb up a snow bank. After that she realized that it was my arms or the cold snow so she stayed with me.

I know these dogs are very well trained unlike this cat but still it must be very freaky to them to smell all this smoke and ash. I hope they're all doing okay.

Pimped from Jed's blog

map of San Diego fires

Southern California Fire map


Nicki Mann said...

Yeah it must definitely be weird for the animals to smell the smoke since their instinct would be to get AWAY! It is rough that in these situations, animals get pushed down in our priorities. :(

Daisy said...

The animals probably already know there's danger out there. I feel for them; but most of all, my thoughts are with the families in harm's way. I hope they all get out safely, with their pets, too.