Sunday, December 11, 2005

Minor milestone for Little T, major milestone for Mom

Little T has technically been able to hold his bottle for months, but on Tuesday he finally figured out how to tip his bottle, so he can actually drink from his bottle. Now yesterday he doesn't want me to hold his bottle anymore. Woo hoo! He can drink on his own. His OT has been pushing me to put him on a sippy cup. Now we can finally start.

Yesterday also for the first time I saw him move his left fingers in response to what his right fingers were doing. His right hand was grasping something and his left fingers also curled. Everyone is always amazed that his fingers can curl. He can now also shrug and rotate his shoulder.

Yet even as I present this latest marvel, each time various doctors tell us his arm will never gain any more function. He has missed several milestones like bending his elbow. Supposedly when he misses these milestones, it means he has missed the window of time for the neural pathways to develop. But he can't bend his elbow right now, because his tumor is in the way. He can't lift his arm much, because his arm is so heavy. Eventually he'll figure out that he can use his right arm to help his left arm.

I think the brain is more plastic than doctors realize. I just watched the "Secret Life of the Brain" where they showed how doctors can now train stroke patients to regain use of paralysed limbs. Much the problem is Little T doesn't realise what he can do and his arm is too heavy for us to easily move it for him. Once he's older and we can tell him, I believe he will fight to gain his left arm's full function. Right now he just has a dim awareness that his left arm and hand should do more. Sometimes he tugs on it and cries in frustration. He plays with his left hand sometimes. He likes to throw things with his right hand. I think he'll amaze the doctors by throwing a ball with his left hand. He's a tough little guy.


johnx said...

Go little T.

Someone once accused me of living in a plastic dream world. I wondered if they refered to the plasticity of the central nervous system, perhaps so.

Chocolate makes it better said...

That's step at a time.

You sound like a really strong lady and a wonderful mum.