Sunday, June 18, 2006

Butt in chair

When I have time to put butt in chair, I'm writing or doing something involving writing. It seems to make me happier overall.

I submitted my breastfeeding article to Mothering. I never thought I'd say this, since before Little T was born, I'd rather stick a fork in my eye than submit anything, but I was glad to submit something that was done and I like. As we used to say in college, "Done is good." Thanks to C and for comments and line-edits.

I'm ironing out issues of my non-fiction book proposal. The biggest issue I need to resolve is a title that clearly communicates the main theme of the book. I thought about it a lot, but failed in my first attempt. Titles matter a lot to me when I'm writing. What the publisher names it is a separate issue and I'm flexible.

I revised my science fiction story "Cascade". It's an experimental story, quietly twisted. C says "it's journalistic in style." It figures. I write mostly non-fiction. It's still not done either. I work on it as a break from my book.

Jane Yolen answered my question "How deep do you think the divide between children's and adults' publishing is?" in her journal. Thanks Jane Yolen.

I also critiqued my friend Mary Anne's new novel.

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