Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Eating and growing

finished a couple more chapters of my non-fiction book. I revised an article about breastfeeding which I plan to send to a parenting magazine. I sent GREG off to two more publishers.

I signed up for the Foothill Writer's Conference.

We saw Little T's hemo doctor and she said that immunowise he's okay to do everything, which is great news. His blood counts were normal.

We also saw his GI doctor. He has lost weight down to 10.05kg. Some of that may due to losing the excess water he had from the steroids. He's grown 3cm to 76cm. His doctor says Little T is the size of an 11 month old. We had a long discussion about eating and growing. The upshot of it is it's a long long road and that we're going to gradually increase his dose of Prilosec to see if that stimulates his appetite. So far it seems to be working. He actually ate three bites of cheese for lunch as opposed to no lunch.

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