Monday, August 21, 2006

I celebrate my son's half shoe size successes

My son has grown half a shoe size. I know for many parents this isn't a cause to jump up and down and celebrate, but for us with a child who didn't grow for months, we're so thrilled.

On Friday, we had my son's Individual Family Service Plan(IFSP) for Early Start. We discussed his progress for the past six months, or in our case the past nine months because his IFSP got delayed like everything else. ;) The report and the goals outline which services he receives.

His ISFP report outlines how my son had another relapse of his tumor, his third, and a secondary infection. After he started chemo and massive amounts of steroids, he stopped talking if one word a day counts as talking and he stopped pulling up. He started pulling up again a couple months later. He didn't meet his goals to walk or to be weaned off his g-tube, but he's worked hard.

He met these goals:

get up on his knees, cruise 90% of the time, reach up on his toes and walk with assistance of another parent or a walker - hooray

He can also stand independently if standing for 10 seconds counts. :) Okay it doesn't, but he's working on it.

He initiates conversations. He says these words all the time "go", "ball" "bubble" "bye" "yum" "uh oh" "wow" "yeah" and "mama". He says "backpack" "car" and "dada" maybe once a week. He'll say "mo" (more) "baba" (bottle) "fire truck" "bird" and "ca ca" (cracker) if you say the word first. He understands quite a bit, but other words he won't repeat.

I list these individual words, because now I'm a parent, I no longer believe the quote "The limits of your language are the limits of your world." But these words surely reflect his personality. He's a "yeah" guy not "yes" and "wow" is actually "wowwwwwww", a term of great approval. "go" tells me to go outside where he wants to play all the time and rush around. He's so active. Backpack reflects his and his sister's passion for Dora the Explorer.

He made some progress towards feeding. He eats like a typical toddler now instead of examining each bite like an inspector. He eats 3 tablespoons at each meal instead of 1-2. He drinks 3 oz of formula a day instead of 1.

His goals for the next six months are to walk, talk more and to eat more.

And to me, half a shoe size symbolizes where we are right now. It's not the full shoe size of typical kids. But when I think about where those little feet have been in the past nine months, I feel incredibly proud of what he's accomplished.

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