Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mother and child love captured

By serendipity, using this new bloglines tool, I stumbled upon Love Thursday asking folks to post a photograph of love. What a lovely idea!

Sometimes folks ask me "How do you do it?" One answer is that when he was born, I gazed into his eyes murky with pain and I saw love. I never expected that. I also fell totally in love with my daughter when she was born, but she wasn't hooked up to wire and monitors fighting for her life. Every day when I look at my son, I see love. Nurses, strangers and friends have described him as "engaging." I say he loves people, he loves life.

Love between me and Little T

My friend and photo genius, Morrisa captured this moment.

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Karen said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures. Just beautiful.

Thanks so much for contributing!

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1girl2boys said...

The giggly pictures are fun too, but I love the gazing in each other's eyes. And the light on the face is so pretty.

Jill said...

what a lovely picture!

Glennia said...

These pictures are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing and making my day.