Friday, August 25, 2006

Slowly catching on to this mommy blogging stuff

I've been really busy with Little T and out of the cyberloop for about two years. Eons in Internet time. In the meantime some very cool mamas started blogging.

Amazed Toddler Mom adopted JR from Kazakhstan. She's also a fellow alum of Bryn Mawr.

Chookooloonks has beautiful photos and insightful commentary about her life in Trindad with her adopted daughter Alex. I love her Love Thursday meme.

Charlotte's Journey Home is the tale of Charlotte who like my son has a number of medical challenges which are different but similar in that they both have a g-tube and had periods of being immunocompromised. Irene, Charlotte's mom found me over g-tubes. I never thought I'd be grateful about g-tubes ;)

Silent I is the journal of Glennia whom I met through my local parents' club. She just started podcasting for Career Mom Radio. I enjoyed her piece about going back to work after six years as a SAHM which is an expanded edition of her blog entry No Mom Left Behind.

State of Grace - I met Grace at the photo shoot of Silicon Valley Moms Blog. She gave everyone including me her card, so I checked out her blog. She's a very courageous blogger. I had already half decided to come back out to blogspot again, but talking to her and reading her blog pushed me off the edge.

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Chris Brogan said...

Thanks so much for mentioning Career Mom Radio. Erica just launched episode 1, and it's a lot of fun. Have you listened?

I love the photo in your side bar. It's so full of happiness and love.