Thursday, August 03, 2006

Stress and hand

I went to my first hand therapy appointment today. My wrists are in constant pain. These folks can help relieve the tendonitis and RSI, but not the underlying issues of how I use my body due to my movement disorder. However when you're in constant pain, treating the pain is good, even when it won't treat the underlying cause of the pain. It's bad when taking 3 Advil doesn't make much of a dent.

The therapy was relaxing, but also stressful in weird ways that have to do with me and my disability. Like trying to put my hands in the paraffin wax made me jerk and the assistant was all stressed about my spilling paraffin.

After the session my wrists stop hurting for about an hour. That was really good. I may also get referred to someone who can actually treat me for the underlying issues. Even better.

The proximate cause of this recent flareup is

1) stress. duh.

2) I'm doing too much with my hands that involves locking my wrists. Luckily for you folks, that's not typing. Typing while not exactly great for anyone isn't actually a big load on my wrists. I tried no typing days in a row. Wrists didn't notice. Unfortunately for me, it's mostly activities difficult to reduce like driving, housework and childcare. Depending on who you ask, locking my wrists is my brilliant but painful adaptation to my movement disorder. Or something I can be trained out of.

I'm starting to go to the gym this week to help deal with the stress. I'm cutting a few of his OT and PT apts since he's doing better than I am.

I'll get more help with childcare and housework. I've tried for weeks to get back respite care. Finally yesterday the case worker called back and said she'd get me the PO for a new agency. She said a few days. It'll prolly be a couple weeks.

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