Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sister and brother love

For Chookooloonks and Momster comes another Love Thursday. From the first day she saw him in the NICU, Special K has loved Little T. This photo was from the first day she was allowed to hold him. She was so thrilled she gave him a big kiss.

Special K and Little T laugh together every day. They share private jokes between them that I don't understand. Most are non-verbal since many of them began before my son could say a word.

Special K says about Little T "He's so handsome!" "He's so sweet!" "He's so annoying!" (when he pulls her hair)

At almost two years old, but only 30 inches and 22lb, my son's small but scrappy. Special K's quick to intervene if anyone gets in his face. She says "That's my brother!" If he does something wrong, she says apolegetically "That's my brother. He doesn't know any better cos he's a baby."

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Karen said...

Beautiful photo -- although your "about" photo shows a lot of love as well!

Thanks for sharing -- Happy Love Thursday!

K. from Chookooloonks

Irene said...

awwww, so sweet.