Friday, September 28, 2007

Dear smiley face school bus driver

You signed your note with a smiley face instead of your name. From how you wrote your note I presume you're the driver that will be taking my son to preschool.

Thank you most of all for taking the time to drive to my son's house ahead of time to make sure you know where it is. I can not tell you the thoughtfulness that represents to me.

Thank you for leaving me a beautifully written note with clear directions on what to do and your name and number.

I still don't know what you look like but I at least know you don't look like this: since you're both female and I can't imagine him leaving a note like that.

I hadn't realized until I read your note that was my secret fear. Thanks smiley face!

Mom sending her 3 year old for the first time on a school bus

Does anyone have any tips for me for further school bus happiness?


Jennifer said...

What did the note say besides the happy face??

I didn't know that 3 year old's ever rode busses. must be very nervous. I can't imagine this helping any. Why wouldn't she call??

Sincerely, Bus driver without advise...aahhh!

Thida said...

Hi Jennifer
Good to hear from you. :)
Yes 3 year olds ride buses if they go to a special preschool that's in the next school district over. Over 3 miles away. It is I admit a bit scary for us.

It looks like she called but didn't leave a message. I guess we'll meet her on Monday. I'll let you know how it goes.