Thursday, September 13, 2007

Little T clocks another hospital stay

The want of this little thing caused Little T to clock another hospital stay - his shortest to date but it started at 7pm in the ER and ended around 5:30pm the next day.

His g-tube/feeding tube fell out and we didn't notice until the hole had already started to close up. We had a 2-hour window. Poor guy had to have a minor operation to redilate the hole and put another g-tube back in.

This happened within a day or replacing his g-tube which we're supposed to do every 3 months. We're not sure if the g-tube we replaced it with was defective or if our replacement technique didn't inflate the balloon all the way.

C was kinda sick before staying up most of the night and got to spend his birthday in the hospital. Now I'm sick. I actually ran a fever two nights running (unusual for me) and am now (hopefully) getting over it.

We're in the process of weaning Little T off the g-tube and his GI doctor kindly came by to talk to us about ditching it but Little T currently gets a third of calories through there and his GI doctor says that even after complete weaning he like to wait three months before removing the tube just in case.

Oh well.

Apparently a therapy dog came before I arrived and C said Little T was completely uninterested. I would have been interested but I'm also more interested in the dog's role. I think Little T would have appreciated my (future) service dog being there. However he's not that interested in random beings. He's had a lot of that in his life. Nurses and therapists and doctors during his several hospital stays. He's very friendly but beings have to develop a relationship with him. Even the most wonderful therapy dog couldn't do that in the 15 minutes they have to see him.

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