Thursday, September 20, 2007

Friend's blog banned from hospital

Chicago Moms Blogger Mary Anne's blog from my son's hospital. Her blog now contains cute baby pictures,but yes she does write porn.

I'm amused by the idea of a hospital blocking cute baby photos and a bit sad since they do brighten my day.

I understand that the hospital doesn't want people even parents viewing photos of porn in what is essentially a public place.  Even in my son's room people walk in and out all the time.  I do agree that seeing a porn image without one's consent is sexual harassment and doesn't belong in a hospital,  especially a children's hospital.  But I read her mommy blog posts only. And I can read this blog and any other Mommy blog to my heart's content and some even talk about *gasp* sex. Ironically Mary Anne recently wrote a post Things I'm Scared to Blog About.

Don't worry Mary Anne. They're much more scared of you. I wish there was a better filtering system. What people *read* on their own PC or laptop is their own business and reading is something one has to make an effort to do while an image is something one can see inadvertently. I'm not sure what the answer is.

Do you think I should be able to read Mary Anne's blog from my son's hospital?


gconnor said...

I am guessing this means that you're using your own laptop, but borrowing their bandwidth? If that's the case there's probably precious little that you can do about it, and even trying to find the person who might be able to place an exception rule would be futile.

One idea might be to see if the other blog has an RSS feed, and give the RSS URL to Livejournal to syndicate for you. That blog would then appear on your friends page and viewing it through livejournal would probably get around the block.

Failing that, try a translate service like babelfish- you can translate from "chinese to japanese" or something with non-Roman characters, and the parts of the page that aren't asian chars would be passed through cleanly.

Thida said...

Thanks for the ideas. Her RSS feed is broken. I hadn't thought of the Babelfish idea. Interesting. Anyway we're out of the hospital so I can read away. :)