Monday, July 18, 2005

Alumni weekend Part 2: San Francisco & K cuts her lip

The next day C dropped me off near SBC Park in SF. Well he was supposed to drop just me off, but Special K insisted on coming along on the tour. First stop was the Mission Bay visitor center where a representative of the developer waxed on about all the great development plans they have. K wanted to rush around the large building so I followed her around half listening to the lecture. Then we were driven over to the new UCSF building of Sciences with a magnificent set of arches similar to the ones at Green Gables except of course they were made of modern granite and instead of climbing down stairs to see the view, you climbed up stairs and saw a magnificent view of SF.

We were shown around Mission Bay for a little more then were dropped off at the terraced entrance of Yerba Buena Gardens. As our tour guide advertised, it's the best entrance. We walked up the terraces then up the steps over the top of the MLK fountain and saw another good view of the city. Then we walked to the top of Yerba Buena gardens and back down around to SF MOMA.

K rushed around and chased pigeons. Unfortunately she tripped and fell abrading her lip. Pools of blood gushed out of her mouth and she started screaming. Fortunately I could see that the cut wasn't serious. Lip cuts always bleed terribly. I picked her up and got blood on my cheek, neck and shirt and K got blood on her dress and hands, but after a few minutes she stopped crying. Putting a wet tissue on her lip seemed to help. I wasn't sure if it was the coolness of the tissue that soothed or just having something to do. Her lip swelled up nice and fat. Fortunately a pediatrician was among the party and she suggested ice. Kind alums helped carry my bag and find ice. K made some effort to put ice on her lip, but it was clear she found the request slightly baffling. After another hour her lip looked a lot better.

We met C and Little T at Market Bar where a lunch was served to all the alums. I liked the stuffed eggs topped with crab, and roast chicken. My parents and Saskia also arrived and had lunch at a separate table. Little T loved being dangled on S's knee and laughed and smiled.

Then Kate '75 kindly gave me ride to a tea. K wanted to go too, but she seemed tired and there was the issue of the car seat. The tea was hosted by Emily Murase '87, and Caroline Marks '53 who said her husband had been 30 years in the state senate. She's a grand old lady. She has photos signed by various dignitaries including Bill Clinton. She has a lovely tea set that reminded me of my grandmother. I had a great time talking to alums from '48 down to '04. Then Kate gave me a ride to the Presidio and met up with my parents, my husband and my kids. We walked around a bit. It's a lovely campus with little artificial streams and a huge fountain. Then finally it was time to go home. We took part of the scenic 49 mile drive, so we didn't get home until after 8pm.

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