Monday, July 25, 2005

Lipoma and dieting

I went to a surgeon today for a lump in my arm and he said it was a lipoma, a benign fatty tumour. It's grown in the last 3 months since I first noticed it. It was smaller than a dime and beneath the skin. I only noticed it because Special K was rubbing my arm. Now it's the size of a quarter and bulges out ever so slightly in my arm. It's probably not noticeable to anyone but me.

Jenny told me that "dogs get them a lot...old dogs." I said "Thanks a lot Jenny. I'm officially an old dog." I didn't ask the surgeon if losing weight would help, but I think it's a good motivator to lose weight. It hurts a little more when it's touched now that it's bigger. Plus I don't want it to get big enough to be noticeable to anyone. Little T should have the corner on tumours in the arm in this family!

First thing I'm doing is to stop buying any more desserts and candy. Problem is our nanny gave us chocolate this morning. Then I have to decide if I want to go on a diet and if so, which one? I dieted once several years ago BC (before children). I went on Atkins for 3 months. I lost 15lb, which is about what I want to lose now. Atkins prevented me from eating ice cream and chocolate, which are my downfalls. However I'm not sure if I can survive my current rather stressful life with no chocolate. And I don't do sugarfree stuff.

So I'm considering Weight Watchers, not the meetings, prepared food etc, just the point counting. Jenny just started Weight Watchers point counting and has this spreadsheet. That seems kind of a pain. C says I should exercise more and eat less. That seems sensible. To be honest, I'm not sure if I can even diet. For me to a certain extent, food and sleep are fungible. If I eat more, I can sleep less. I think I read somewhere about a study that proved this point. Anyway I'm still not getting enough sleep. Guess that means I should go to bed now. But before I go, if wouldn't mind sharing what diet and exercise works/ed for you? Goodnight!


Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

It's no fun, but straight up calorie counting plus exercise works for me, every time. I just need to assert enough willpower to do it. The first week is the hardest; then my body gets used to the exercise and starts craving it.

I do: five days of minimum 30 min. of cardio/week (DDR, treadmill, whatever -- it's better if you vary it). Sometimes, I alternate 2-3 of the exercise days with a round of weights plus a 10 min. cardio warm-up. That works even better, but I don't seem to do it at home, only if going to a gym.

On the days I exercise, I get to eat 1300 calories, on the days I don't exercise, I get to eat 1000 calories. That's a consistent -500 calories per day, which consistently burns about a pound a week. Sometimes more.

I have a digital scale that measures body fat as well as weight, which is encouraging, because usually when my weight isn't changing, my body fat is reducing, because I've been building muscle. Helps stave off frustrated freaking out.

Good luck! I'm about to start up a diet/exercise thing again too, so I'm right there in the suffering with you!

Jenny said...

The WW spreadsheet is really an awareness tool for me. It shows me how much I should be eating to undereat effectively. It's pretty much the same as calorie counting, with a little varience for fat and fiber thrown in.

I've had insomnia since eating at about 20 points, so I'm eating more protein and about 22 points.

Exercise helps a lot. I found a Jazzercize class where I'm the youngest one by about 10 years. It makes me feel youthful and firm! It's 3 mornings a week from 8-9--early enough so I don't need childcare, but not so early that I have to get up at the crack of dawn.

I just feel better with the exercise, even if I'm not going down significantly.

Plantgirl said...

I haven't had much luck with losing weight lately, but I'm on a medication that makes me gain it. What's worked in the past is cutting out the bad habits (mine are coke, cookies, alcohol, & cheese) and substituting healthier things.

Thida said...

Mary Anne, how does the scale work?

Thanks Jenny and Mary Anne for reiterating about getting exercise. I have been eating less, but more than dieting, I need to exercise more.

Though like Plantgirl mentions, I am cutting out bad habits.

Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

It apparently sends an electrical current through your body, from the soles of your feet. Weird. You don't feel anything. It's not so useful as an absolute measure of body fat; there's a large plus/minus degree of inaccuracy with anything other than full body immersion for that. But it's useful as a relative measure, to see whether you're going up or down. You can buy them at any Bed, Bath or Beyond or that kind of store.

Also, my impression is that if you actually do weights/yoga/strength-building regularly, you don't really need the aerobic stuff to lose weight. So that's an option too, if it's easier for you.

sun said...


I also have many lipoma on my body. Do you know any treatment for it.Did loosing weight help??


sun said...

do u really think food habits are the cause of lipoma?

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