Saturday, July 02, 2005

The gift of writing

I'm feeling a bit better today. I feel blessed to have the gift of writing. If writing about my difficult journey, my personal truths helps others, it provides some meaning. We can't choose our gifts or our genetics our bodies or our children. It's part of a complete package.

I'm still scared of having my work published, of being exposed, but everything that's happened to me, to Little T shows me that I can handle it. A rejection slip, someone telling me my writing sucks, or worse, that my writing horribly wounded them can't possibly be worse than last week.

So I put together a mockup of my children's book with some photos borrowed from Google images. The publisher will provide photos or illustrations, but the mockup is for folks who are used to reading a children's picture book with pictures.

If you'd like to see the mockup, please send me an email.


Dee said...

I saw this in Woman's Day and thought of you:

The winner gets the book published by Scholastic. It's a beautiful book..may be worth a test run :)

Anonymous said...

Wooho, total approximate retail value for the winner: $115.

5. Acceptance of Grand Prize grants Sponsors the exclusive right to publish, illustrate, edit, and print the entry in any media whether currently in existence or hereafter invented (including but not limited to print and digital media) without further notice or compensation>, except as set forth below.
. There will be one Grand Prize Winner and 10 runners up. The entrant who submitted the top ranked entry (as determined by the Judges using the above-referenced judging criteria) will be chosen as the Grand Prize winner. The Grand Prize winner's entry will be edited, illustrated, and published by Scholastic Inc. Details of the publication/actual release of the book shall be determined by Scholastic Inc., in its sole discretion. Scholastic may release the book in paperback in Fall 2006 through such channel as Scholastic chooses, in it's sole discretion, including but not limited to Scholastic Book Clubs catalogs (Firefly, Honeybee, and/or SeeSaw) and/or on-line at In the event Scholastic Inc. elects to publish the entry through Scholastic Book Clubs, winner will be provided with 10 complimentary copies of the book (Approximate Retail Value $40). The winner will also receive a set of five autographed hardcover picture books from Scholastic (ARV $75). If Grand Prize winning entry is published solely online, the winner will receive $40 cash. Ten runners up will each receive a set of 5 autographed hardcover picture books from Scholastic (ARV $75). Acceptance of the runners-up prize grants Sponsors the non-exclusive, non-cancelable, perpetual, world-wide right to publish the runners-up entry online at and (at the discretion of Woman's Day and Scholastic Inc.)

Thida said...

Thanks for thinking of me, Dee!!
It looked wonderful until I read the fine print. I'm surprised that it's so draconian. Usually contests just take first publication rights and offer some compensation.