Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It's a small world and reschedule of T's surgery

In another version of "It's a small world", my friend John Abbe sent me a mass email with a link to his blog where he mentions he's considering living in the N Street Cohousing where my high school friend Barbara West lives. I just called her last week after years of being out of touch. It was great to talk to her. John also wrote that Guns, Germs and Steel is now a 3-part PBS special. I missed the first episode, but have Tivoed the other two. I'm sure it'll be back again.

The nurse rescheduled T's surgery to Tuesday. Good news: Cancels interference with alumni weekend. Bad news: more time to worry about it.


Raines said...

John almost ended up living in Swan's Market Cohousing in Oakland, so no surprise that he's looking at N Street now.


John Abbe said...

Hi Raines, small world indeed! I didn't know you and Thida knew each other, but i s'pose i shouldn't be surpised.

Actually, i was only pointing to N Street as an example of an intentional community that grew slowly and organically, rather than with a single big design in a much shorter time. The specific place i was imagining living in was the one-house Walnut St. Co-op in Eugene, Oregon. One resident there was speculating about nearby houses that could join, a nifty process of community-building imho.

Thida said...

Sorry I misunderstood you, John!

Hi Raines!

BTW just yesterday two friends were talking to C and I about cohousing. They want to buy an 4-5 unit apartment in Oakland with 3 to 4 other folks. One apartment would be a common area. They're also interested in other cohousing, but don't really know anyone who's cohousing in Oakland. Raines, I see you have your loft for sale. I just emailed them about your ad, but I know they're looking for a bigger place.