Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Help! Please will someone fix my template?

I sent email to the author of the template as I said in my previous post, but I've received no reply. Please can you fix my template? As you can imagine from reading my journal, I have little time, and css is new to me. I've tried three times in little snatches, but I haven't gotten anywhere. Probably someone's reading this who does know css and it would be relatively easy for them to fix the problem. The code for my template is here. Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

The problem is that the <div>s have CSS that says "clear: both;" which means that when they are laid out, they get pushed below blocks that are aligned to the sides.

However, I don't see where they come from in the template; they must be in <$BlogItemBody$>. Maybe there is a setting somewhere that puts this in?

Simon F.

Simon said...

Oh, I see. Go to the Blogger Settings page, and click on the Formatting link near the top. The second to last option is called "Enable float alignment" -- change the menu to say "No". That should do it.

Thida said...

Thank you thank you Simon!!!