Monday, July 18, 2005

Little T's ped apt

Little T had his "9 month apt" with his pediatrician today. Although as you may know, he's now 10 months old. He's gained a little bit of weight since Wednesday, or it might be the difference in scales. According to the ped scale, he now weighs 16lb 8 oz (7.484 kg) though he hasn't grown, because he's 26" long and his head is 18" which are about the same as last week. His ped was amazed at how much he'd grown and how much better he looks. She said "You probably can't see it since you see him everyday, but I sure do." It's good to be reminded how far he's come. I'm still worried about how much recovering from tomorrow's surgeries will set him back. But the apt also reassured me what a resilient boy he is.

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