Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Little T is off all meds and he can eat

For the first time since he was born a year ago, Little T is off all medications and even supplements! He was even taken off Poly-vi-sol yesterday. I'm so proud of him.

Perhaps related, since we took him off Prilosec, he suddenly started eating solid foods like a normal 1 year old. He grabs little bits of food and puts them into his mouth, then he takes a small bite and swallows it. He pulls out the food, then starts over again. He doesn't gag or throw up anymore. He hasn't thrown up once since we stopped Prilosec. Well except when Special K climbed into his crib and gave him a plastic letter which he tried to eat.

He still eats very little, but we're all just stunned. Just three weeks ago, we thought he'd still need months of feeding therapy. After a couple months of therapy, he could put a Cheerio in his mouth and mash it down, but when he tried to swallow it, he'd gag and then vomit. Now he can eat bits of chicken, strawberry, whatever he can lay his hands on. He swallows it down and it stays down.

And I just realised he has a pincer grasp. How exciting!


gconnor said...

Wow! that is so great!! Go kiddo!

Plantgirl said...


::does happy dance around living room::


R said...

Perhaps this is his birthday gift to you. :) Max's change with his eating was sudden like that as well. Months into feeding therapy, it just seemed to click for him. Grow, Little T, grow!

Thida said...

Thanks you all for celebrating with me!!! That's interesting about Max. I'd forgotten that. Perhaps eating works that way. Either way it's still very cool.

~~E said...

Hooray for Little T!!!! That is great news T!!!!

Anonymous said...

So many amazing things happening! Go Little T!!