Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Misc links about brains

Parasites brainwash grasshoppers into death dive - Shows that depression and suicide (at least in grasshoppers) can have a strong biochemical cause

Autism has multiple genetic types - I could have told you that. :) My movement disorder myclonic dystonia has multiple genetic types. The only type identified so far responds to alcohol. Mine doesn't. "Good thing too." says my dad.

Two brainy scifi memes taken from HelenSchappell
Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

And it figures I'm Janeway, because she's based on Katherine Hepburn who went to my alma mater Bryn Mawr.


johnx said...

Great post. I am not surprised about the grasshoppers. Well, maybe I am amazed, but it certainly fits my experience.

I try not to take my emotions too serious ly cause they come and go.

I sent that link to a bunch of folks. Thanks!

Thida said...

You're welcome, John! And welcome too! I don't think I welcomed you before. :)