Saturday, September 10, 2005

Supplies for an emergency

Even before Katrina hit, I stockpiled a few supplies in case of an emergency. I have some water, army field rations, a battery powered/solar powered radio, first-aid kit, blankets, etc. And today C sent me this article that gets one thing right in that it should be in one place that you can take it and run. But it actually suggests less supplies than I have, and doesn't suggest basic necessities like say a mylar blanket. And alarmingly suggests stupid and dangerous things like a gun (if you already know how to shoot).

But don't worry. I'm not getting a gun. Movement disorders and guns don't mix. Besides I'm wirey and scrappy when cornered as kids in the school yard discovered when they tried to pick on me.

I also think the advice on keeping documents nearby is a little strange. It seems a little post-apocalyptic that all traces of my documents would be gone since copies of our documents are scattered throughout the world, but perhaps the article was geared towards a more provincial audience.


Cubes said...

There are a number of books and articles about shipwreck survival and what to include in an "abandon ship" bag, which must balance completeness with size and weight. You'll find a lot less of the "survivalist" tone in these than you do in more general disaster survival material, as well as a lot more written from first-hand experience.

I have found Equipped To Survive ( to be especially useful for its reviews, instructional articles, and pointers to survival equipment vendors. I've purchased several items from Landfall Navigation ( and am very happy with them.

Thida said...

Thanks Cubes! I played the survival game on and survived after three tries. I failed the first time, because I light a fire in the plane, which I knew was a stupid move, but it amused me, and the second time, because I wasn't sure how their energy system worked.

johnx said...

Some Ways to Prepare for the Absolute Worst

Thanks. I'm going to take some of this advice.

When it comes time that I need a gun, I'm sure there will be plenty laying around.