Thursday, September 01, 2005

Which Dyke to Watch out for?

You scored as Sparrow. You are Sparrow! You've been distracted from your usual spiritual pursuits by work and family. Get your hubby to babysit one night a week while you study Buddhist meditation at the local sangha.

Which Dyke to Watch Out For Are You?
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I'm amused that I'm Sparrow as she was the only Asian American character for a long time. When I met Alison Bechdel briefly once, I complained about this. Problem is she is the character that I'm most like. Ah, well.

I feel like Sparrow today. Frayed at the edges. I'm all stressed about my brother's wedding and packing. We have so much stuff to pack for Little T and most of it is not stuff we can just buy at a local drugstore. It accentuates the fear that underlines my stress in packing that I'll forget something and we won't be able to buy a replacement.


Anonymous said...

That is so funny... And so true!

Jenny said...

I'm a Sparrow, too, although I don't know what it means. However, I am so excited about preschool starting so I can take yoga twice a week. I think that will count instead of Buddhist meditation.

Thida said...

Welcome Akien!

Jenny, I think yoga definitely counts as meditation. Whether it's Buddhist or not is debatable.