Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Big gay rights news

Big Gay Rights news that I learned from Owl's moose's LJ.
SF Gate has the headline
Court grants equal rights to same-sex parents
I think that's great news for the kids of same-sex parents.

OTOH Owlmoose points out there are 3 anti-gay initiatives on the special election ballot.

I hope the court ruling won't provoke a backlash and get folks to vote for these initiatives.

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Kathleen said...

I actually think it will work the other way around -- I think people have a much easier time denying others rights that they don't already have than taking rights away. Bill Lockyer (the state att'y general) forced the groups sponsering the initiatives to change the names from some vague "defense of traditional marriage" to the more honest "denial of domestic partner benefits" titles they bear now. I think the harshness of that description may keep people from voting for it. We can hope, anyway.