Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Little T's tumour is still shrinking!

Okay, maybe this isn't news to you, but it's news to us. Little T's arm has grown slowly from 15cm to 19cm and in the past couple weeks, his arm developed an angry red rash. Last night C and I had a difficult conversation in which we prepared for the worst. Fortunately his hemo doctor says the rash is a yeast infection and the growth of his arm is real growth -- he has a noticeable bicep now. Woo hoo!

Despite my fears, he's still gaining weight. He's now 8080 grams, but he hasn't grown since his GI apt on Aug 5, because he's still 66cm long. However his head is still above the 50th percentile at 46cm. Grow head grow! May I also say that my son has enormous ears which in Burma are a sign of great intelligence. His hemo doctor said "He looks particularly cute". She mentioned the lack of an NG tube. I said dryly, "Yes, I suppose the tube did rather detract from his appearance." and we all laughed.

We met yet another resident. They always say they remember Little T from some particular hospital stay, but I never remember them. Well I'll probably remember that poor resident in her first week when Little T had line sepsis for the rest of my life. But no-one before and since has said to me "Wait, I need to write this down first." after they walk up to me. The other residents all seem eager and sometimes little intimidated by Little T's huge medical records, but reasonably polished and always polite. This one spotted that my doctor is still listed somewhere as Little T's doctor. My doctor is an adult doctor and when I saw him last week, he said he's still getting info about Little T. Now I know at least one reason why.

For the first time, a lab tech drew Little T's blood with one stick. He dug around some, but still. Next time we'll ask for Sean and use numbing cream first.

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