Sunday, August 07, 2005

GI apt & Weekend

On Saturday I gave in my Haldol prescription, but as often happens when I build myself up to do something, the universe had a little laugh at my expense. The neurologist wrote a dosage that "doesn't exist" according to the pharmacist. He wrote it for .25mg and the smallest dosage is .5mg. I'm not sure whether to worry about the pharmacist or the neurologist since this is my first time going to either. In hindsight perhaps this was a bad idea, though Longs Drugs is a big chain.

Afterwards we drove to C's company picnic, which featured delicious ribs. For some reason, lately, I can't get enough of ribs. Dunno why. C suggested I might have an iron defiency, which I can believe after supplying Little T my little vampire baby in utero. He's 10.5 months now, but I haven't exactly had time to eat that well. Guess I'll have to take a multi-vitamin.

Little T did his best to look hale and hearty. He's a chubby baby. Force feeding via tube will do that to you, I guess. At his GI apt, his weight gain was almost a hockey stick with his height growth not too far behind. He really wants to get on that 3rd percentile. He's still below the growth charts for now.

Special K ran around and had such a great time she didn't want to go home.

Later we drove to SF to visit some college friends of C. We had mai-tais and saw photos of their Hawaii trip. Today we went to visit one of my college friends and see her new puppy. Our social life is starting to approach something more normal, though we still can't go anywhere more than a two hour drive. That brings me to my next post.

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